Fairstead Curriculum Aims


At Fairstead Community Primary and Nursery School we aim to provide a cross curricular,  enquiry based curriculum which is designed to:

  • Engage all children including those pupils with SEN,  EAL and high attainers because it is practical, active and provides challenge
  • Foster high levels of response, enthusiasm and achievement.
  • Encourage children to explore, investigate and use discussion to communicate
  • Improve children’s attitudes towards learning
  • Cover all skills and embed them across the National Curriculum
  • Make use of the outside learning opportunities

We want our children to be happy, enthusiastic and curious learners.

We encourage and stimulate the best possible progress for all our pupils. Our curriculum builds on pupils’ interests, strengths and experiences, developing their confidence as learners, and their ability to work both independently and collaboratively.

Our ‘enquiry based’ approach to the curriculum means that, wherever possible, we group our subjects around a broad theme. This year each class is named after inspirational people e.g. Nightingale, Potter and Backshall. Themes are chosen depending on the interests and needs of the children, and the content of the National Curriculum for each of the subjects.

Wherever possible, the National Curriculum is taught in this cross curricular way. The children are often learning about more than one subject in each lesson e.g. while making biscuits (DT), they will read and use instructions (Literacy), weigh ingredients and possibly use ratio to make a larger or smaller batch (Numeracy).

Not all subjects can naturally fit within a topic and so these subjects are usually taught in a discrete way. Religious education does not usually fit with a topic and so it is taught separately. Other subjects such as Modern Foreign languages and some elements of Maths also run separately.

The National Curriculum sets out the minimum content.  At Fairstead Primary, we make sure children learn lots of additional skills, knowledge and understanding. For example:

  • We offer a range of after-school clubs including multi sports, sewing, and a newspaper club
  • Some children have opportunities to learn a musical instrument e.g. the cello
  • If a class or group show an interest in a particular subject, teachers will try to include this in the school year
  • We provide a wide range of trips and invite visitors into school to develop the children’s experiences e.g. farm visits, coast visits, Y6 residential, theatre groups, author visits.
  • Development of the school’s outside space to provide opportunities for learning outside the classroom
  • Organising an hosting an annual careers fair for Y6 pupils in the local area

How we deliver our curriculum

At Fairstead, we deliver our curriculum in half termly or termly blocks. Teachers prepare a curriculum map for each block that gives an outline of themes and coverage, which is also sent home to parents.

Through the year, the school also covers short whole school topics, often incorporating a theme day at the end of the topic, when parents are invited into school. This year we participated in Science Week which culminated in parents/carers being invited into school to look at the learning and experiments that the children had done . Other past theme days this year have included Royal Wedding and an NSPCC Green Day.

Please click the following link to see the overview:-

National Curriculum Overview for Years 1 to 6


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