Governors Meeting Attendance

Schools are required to publish the attendance record of each governor at full governing board and committee meetings over the last academic year.


Name Governor     24.9.19 5.11.19 3.12.19 14.1.20 10.3.20 28.4.20 14.7.20
Mrs Debbie Chivers Staff N/A
Mrs Lorraine Collins Associate
Miss Paige Dawson Co-opted
Mrs Vicky Etheridge Chair of Governors
Mr Daniel Farthing Headteacher
Mr Stuart Graver         Vice Chair
Rev Karlene Kerr Co-opted Absent Apologies
Mr Damian McAlinden Co-opted N/A N/A
Ms Lisa Moore Parent Absent Absent Absent
Mrs Arierhire Okperi Parent N/A
Mrs Claire Wise Co-opted


thumbnail of Governors Meeting Attendance 2018-19