Careers Week

Over the last five years we have been developing a Careers week to open our children’s eyes to the world around them. We started this with a careers market for the year 6 pupils. This has then been developed and as the years follow on we will eventually include every  year group to be part of the week. As they go through the school they will then enhance their knowledge of the education system and also the how important this is to them as a learner. 


The Careers Event for Year 6

Our Careers Event for our year 6 pupils is held during March to give the children something to aspire to. We have lots of local businesses, The College of West Anglia and anybody else that wishes to take part. We also invite children from other local primary schools to join us for the afternoon. 

The children at our school spend the week learning about all aspects of life and work. We have put together a weeks planning to coincide with this event. They start off dipping their hands into a pot and pulling out their job that they may have in the  future they then get to choose the things they would like to own like a mansion, sports car and all those other lovely things. Unfortunately they then are given their weekly earnings and shown the expenses they have from childcare to general food shopping and living expenses. This always brings them back down to earth with a bump and they begin to make new decisions based around this new knowledge.

We talk about the qualifications needed for certain jobs, tax, national insurance and much more. They then visit the careers fair and are given a booklet to complete. There are questions for every stall holder and these are generally based around qualifications for each job and the different routes to those qualifications. The last day is spent talking about and discussing what they have learnt during that week and the importance of education.



The Trip to the University of East Anglia

Since we began we wanted to start to involve other year groups during the week but doing other activities. We contacted the University of East Anglia and organised a day trip for the year 5 children. They were able to explore the university and learn about the different courses and what they would be doing if they wanted to go to university. We also then decided to involve year 4 children and also organised a workshop which the University of East Anglia helped organise and also sent one of their representatives to run. We have further plans to move this through further down the year groups with each year that passes and eventually make this an annual event.

It is a fabulous week and we thank all those that join us to help the children with their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. If you are interested in taking part or would like to enquire as a primary school Please call Mrs Jenkinson 01553 77466.

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