A Trust Based Coaching Model

Trust based coaching is a synthesis of Trust Based Observations (Craig Randall, 2020) and Basic Coaching (Andy Buck, 2020).

Trust is vital, alongside clearly defined coaching steps, qualities and habits. It sits along a continuum of reflective coaching and instructional mentoring, depending on the expertise of the coach (see below).



Giving teachers an opportunity to be coached, have time to reflect on their practice, explore principles and take risks in their pedagogy can be an important motivator for growth. Focussing on strengths as feedback can give teachers a stronger sense of identify, recognition, and enjoyment of their role. Teachers should leave a trust based coaching session feeling optimistic.

Team Building

Trust sits at the centre, coaches do not sit in judgement but in support. Coaching does not exist in a bubble and recognises the fluidity and flexibility to react to whatever school life throws at us all.


Traditional, 3-times yearly, one hour observations are not an honest gauge of teacher effectiveness. Continuous coaching leads to a staff team with clearly identified strengths, and a culture of openness about teaching and growth.

Research led

Principles are research led, using the most current understanding of ‘What makes great teaching’ and finding practical actions that can be implemented and suggested as part of a teacher’s pedagogical toolkit.

The Process:

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