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Attendance Facts for all Parents, Carers and Children !!!

All children are expected to reach at least 96% attendance and above to be able to do well at school.

Pupils only attend school for 190 days per school year. Each term we send out a letter and your childs attendance sheet so you are able to keep a check on the percentage. Below is what the coloured letters mean:-

96% and upwards : Excellent Attendance, Green letter.

90% and upwards: Be Aware, Orange letter.

89.99% and below: Worrying – Red Letter.

Less than 85%: There are big worries – We have to refer to Education Welfare Service.



What is The Law About Attendance?

Well, Parents and Carers have to make sure that children aged 5 to 16 years receive full-time education and that they attend school regularly. It’s the law!

An absence for an unacceptable or unexplained reason will not be authorised and will appear on your child’s attendance record as un–authorised absence.  This affects the attendance %.


Think about these questions:

1.     If my child has time off at primary school, does it make that much difference?

2.    They can catch up eventually, can’t they?

3.    So a couple of days off isn’t that much work missed, is it?

If your child misses school, they miss lessons which may not be repeated. Being absent from school makes it hard to catch up with missed work and effects how well children do. There are on average 30 children in the class so while it is expected that the teacher ensures your child has the help to catch up who is teaching the other 29?

How much lesson time do they miss when they are off?

  • Half day absent = 3 hours of lessons missed.
  • 1 day absent = 5 hours of lessons missed.
  • 3 days absent = 15 hours of lessons missed.
  • 1 week absent = 25 hours of lessons missed.
  • 2 weeks absent = 50 hours of lessons missed.

Possible to catch up but when? Lunch, Break time, extra homework?

Here is your child’s spare time in a school day:

Break = 15 minutes a day

Lunch = Half an hour a day

Homework = depends how long you are willing to do? We can give you the work and instructions to do this.

So if they use this time to catch up here is what they would have to do:

1 hour of lessons missed = 1 lunchtime and 2 breaks or 2 lunchtimes or 1 hour extra homework.

3 hours of lessons missed = 6 lunchtimes or 4 lunchtimes and 4 breaks or 3 hours extra homework.

Unfortunately the more that is missed the longer it takes to catch up please ask the teacher for work to do if your child is able to do it.


Finally, here is what it all adds up to.

If your child continues through their whole school life only attending 90% or less every year then their GCSE results WILL be affected, see below what the chances are:-

pie chart

Now some information for your children, talk to your children about it, explain what having time off means. Remember if they come to school and are really ill we will call you.



Children, why you should come to school?

If you don’t come to school:

  • You might feel a bit left out.
  • You may not know how to do the work.
  • You may fall behind and find it difficult to catch up.
  • You may have to make friends again.

If you miss school, you miss lessons and this makes it hard to catch up with missed work and effects how well you do.


We understand that when you are ill you need time to get well but only take days off that you really need to.

Together we can help your child to feel happy and be successful. Your child deserves a good education and all the opportunities that education can give to them in life.


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