Challenge (and scaffolding)

The Big Idea

Challenge needs to be appropriate to each learner (tricky!). This means multiple other principles and ideas need to be in place.

  • Pre-teaching may have taken place as needed
  • Vocabulary may have been explicitly taught and shared in the Can I?
  • A WAGOLL has been provided and deconstructed.
  • Mixed ability pairings (Kagan teams) are in place.
  • Soft scaffolding is in place – teachers are reactive to learners being stuck in ‘the pit’


Blooms Taxonomy Blog with Verbs –

Growth mindset and ‘the pit’ – Grove Road Primary School website

Scaffolding – Macmillan Education

The 5 plagues of reading spine – Doug Lemov

The Teaching Booth Reading Curriculum –

Pedagogy ideas

  1. Quigley Spiral Curriculum – Fairstead Staff Only
  2. Silence is golden – achemicalorthodoxy
  3. Three Before Me –
  4. Pastore’s Perch
  5. Scaling up –
  6. High level Questioning

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