FAQS – Free School Meals (FSM) during school closure

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Free School Meal (FSM) Eligibility

Why are we only currently providing meals for pupils eligible for FSM?

The decision on eligibility for support during this period has initially been based on those most at risk.  This is deemed to be the children of parents in receipt of certain benefits i.e. FSM children only at this stage.



New parental applicants for FSM

Parents/ carers believe they are eligible for FSM but have not yet claimed.  How do they claim now?

Parents/ carers who believe their child/ren are eligible for free school meals should claim online via the Local Authority using the link below:


This will guide a parent/ carer to create a Norfolk Education Online NEO account.  If they have already applied for school admissions online they may already have an account which they can use

They will receive an automatic response to the application and if they are eligible, the LA will confirm by email and tell the child’s school.


Meals for Key Workers children eligible for UIFSM during term time

If Key Worker’s children are attending school, and are eligible for UIFSM, should we provide them?

Yes, we will continue  during term time to provide these children with a school lunch free of charge.



Meals for other Key Worker’s children during term time

If Key Worker’s children are attending school and are not eligible for FSM or UIFSM, should the parents pay for their school meal?

Yes, we will continue  during term time to provide these children with a school lunch free of charge.




Government Voucher Scheme

When will the government voucher scheme be available?

The government has introduced a voucher scheme in partnership with Edenred.  Details can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-free-school-meals-guidance/covid-19-free-school-meals-guidance-for-schools

Guidance for schools and families has also been published.

The e-vouchers are only to be used in-store.  As some parents/ carers may not be able to access shops, they may ask schools to support them via other means.

The vouchers are only for children already eligible; this will be cross checked so schools should not issue to families in hardship that are not yet eligible.


Parent/ Carer queries

If a parent/ carer has a query, who should they contact?

Except for FSM applications, parents/ carers should direct any queries to their child/children’s school in the first instance.

Please email Mrs Collins admin@fairstead.norfolk.sch.uk

NB For new applications for free school meal eligibility, please see Q2 above.


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