Gaywood Library

As a school we love a good book and to enhance our knowledge of books and experiences we have teamed up with the local library and every half term our Key Stage 2 children pop down for a visit. Elena Parkin, our local Librarian, has arranged some fantastic times for us to do further research into the topics we are covering in school. At the beginning of  each half term we give her a list of the topics and also the classes that will be visiting. Not only are they willing for  us to come to them they also often join us for events we have within school and if we can’t get to them they come to us.

It is a great experience for our children to visit the library and we now have a larger group of children that have now got an account at the local library. Those that have joined often bring books with them that need returning and also take some books out before we leave.

We were lucky enough this year to be invited to the 25th Birthday celebrations and our year 6 children put together an outstanding display for the Library. This was based around different authors that brought out books over the last 25 years. We had tea and cake and sang Happy Birthday to the Library itself which was great fun!! We will continue with these visits as we get so much enjoyment out of them and look forward to many many more ………… 


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