The aim of our geography curriculum at Fairstead is to prepare children to be citizens of the world. We want to inspire an inquisitiveness about the world around them which remains with them throughout their lives. Our curriculum is exciting, inclusive, broad and balanced and builds on what has been learned before. We aim to make links with our local area wherever possible so that it builds on children’s previous experience and teaches them to care for their local environment. 


Following the National Curriculum guidance, when learning about geography at Fairstead, children will investigate places, investigate patterns and learn to communicate geographically. These threshold concepts are explored throughout the wide range of geographical topics we teach, children will return to them in different ways and in different topics and year groups, and so build an understanding over time. 

Each threshold concept in our curriculum is organized into 3 milestones, each covering approximately two years, giving children opportunity to learn at their own pace and achieve mastery or greater depth by the end of the milestone. 

The teaching and learning in geography at Fairstead, links with our termly and half termly topics taught in each year group. Geography is sometimes the main subject for a topic, like in year one’s ‘Marvelous Earth’ topic or year two’s ‘My World’ and sometimes is weaved into the topics driven by a different subject like in year six’s ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ topic in which children learn about Ancient Egypt in History and learn about modern Egypt in geography. Our geography teaching makes local links wherever possible, starting with the children’s own experiencesWe use the River Ouse when learning about rivers, local landmarks like the Red Mount Chapel and Hunstanton Cliffs provide an excellent example of rock formations. 


Through learning about geography at Fairstead, children will grow into learners who are inspired and excited about the world around them. By learning abut our world both locally, nationally and internationally, we prepare children for high school and to be better citizens of the world. By learning about our world and it’s precious resources, children are better prepared to make good decisions about the world around them. 

Teachers and school staff are constantly assessing children’s progress and understanding in discussions and structured activities, adjusting their practice accordingly. There is a structured monitoring timetable in place to ensure consistency of practice and excellence across the school. 



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