It is our intention at Fairstead, to inspire our children to a lifelong love of learning. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, inclusive and builds on what children have previously learned. Through our exciting history curriculum, we want to give children opportunities to explore the wealth of history in our local area and use that as a springboard to learning about the history of Britain and the world. 


Through learning history at Fairstead, children will investigate and interpret the past, build an overview of world history, develop an understanding of chronology and learn to communicate historically. These threshold concepts are explored throughout the wide range of historical topics we teach, children will return to them in different ways and in different topics and year groups, and so build an understanding over time. 

Each threshold concept in our curriculum is organized into 3 milestones, each covering approximately two years, giving children opportunity to learn at their own pace and achieve mastery or greater depth by the end of the milestone. 

Our teaching and learning in history links closely with the termly and half termly topics for each year group. For example, in Year One’s topic ‘The Rescuers’ includes learning about Grace Darling, and Year Five’s topic ‘Cycling and Vik(l)ings’ includes their work on the Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle for the kingdom of England. 

More information on history within topics can be found by clicking on the link here


During their time at Fairstead, children will grow into mini historians, ready for the challenges of Key Stage Tree and beyond, and with the skills and enthusiasm to be learners for life. Through developing an understanding of those that came before us and what happened in different places, our children will have empathy with others and an awareness that what they do has an impact on others. 

Teachers and school staff are constantly assessing the children’s progress through discussions and written work. A programme of monitoring is in place involving shared book scrutiny and learning walks to ensure consistent good practice across the school. 


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