The overall aim for Modern Foreign Languages is to enrich learning for all pupils. However, this aim can be further broken down: 

  • To increase children’s linguistic competence through regular timetabled MFL sessions  
  • To exploit cultural links and experiences when opportunities arise 
  • To promote positive attitudes towards language learning through a range of learning activities 
  • To develop listening skills and phonological awareness 
  • To challenge and motivate all learners through high expectations, a variety of teaching styles and an enriched environment 


Christmas carols, festivals and geography project work all contain foreign language elements.  

Although MFL is a cross-curricular subject, children are taught specific skills and vocabulary in a short weekly dedicated lesson with the Class Teacher. The content of these sessions is reinforced during the week. MFL is also part of the school day so is ongoing throughout all of children’s learning.  

Opportunities for speaking another language should be exploited, be it in the playground or in the classroom.  All staff in the school could be responsible for ensuring this.  

Fairstead Community Primary & Nursery School aims to deliver the requirements of the KS2 MFL framework by linking to the framework objectives.  This ensures that particular language learning strategies are taught and appropriate skills are practised.    


MFL prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are often carried out in languages other than English.  The choice of which language to teach is secondary to the lifelong language learning skills that the pupils will be encouraged to develop.  Pupils will be able to access these skills in the future; to enable them to learn new languages or to improve their competence in an existing language.  Increased capability in the use of MFL promotes initiative, confidence and independent learning and encourages diversity within society.    

Fairstead Community Primary & Nursery School believes that learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience. Pupils develop communication and literacy skills that lay the foundation for future language learning.  

 “Our vision is clear – we must provide an opportunity for early language learning to harness children’s learning potential and enthusiasm”. (Languages for all – languages for life, DfES)  

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