The Spanish Curriculum at Fairstead Primary                          Subject Lead: Chloe Barrett


Our Spanish curriculum has been created to emphasise communication, speaking and listening skills and ensures a good coverage of knowledge and skills by incorporating the milestones in the Essentials Curriculum.

We want our children to develop the confidence to communicate in Spanish for practical purposes, using both written and spoken Spanish, and to develop an awareness of other cultures. We aim to give pupils a foundation for language learning that encourages and enables them to apply their skills to other languages, facilitates further language study and opens future opportunities to study and work abroad.

To support the teaching of Spanish, teachers use the Kapow Spanish scheme of work and resources. This aims to provide children with a firm foundation of language learning. Lessons have been carefully planned and sequenced, identifying when to teach the three building blocks of a language system:

  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

Children connect these building blocks of knowledge to create meaning in a variety of contexts, allowing them to develop their skills in the following strands:

  • Language comprehension: listening and reading
  • Language production: speaking and writing

Each lesson is designed to help pupils achieve specific National Curriculum attainment targets, as set out in the KS2 National Curriculum for languages. Knowledge, skills and progressive vocabulary are taught within each year group and develop to ensure that attainment targets are securely met by the end of Key stage 2.


Through Kapow Primary’s Spanish scheme, children are given opportunities to communicate for practical purposes around familiar subjects and routines. The scheme provides balanced opportunities for communication in both spoken and written Spanish. Children first develop confidence and accuracy with oral skills then increasingly apply their knowledge to extended reading and writing as they progress through Key stage 2. The Kapow Primary’s Spanish scheme is a spiral curriculum, with key skills, grammar and vocabulary revisited with increasing complexity, allowing pupils to revise and build on their previous learning. Cross-curricular links are included throughout the Spanish units, allowing children to make connections and apply their language skills to other areas of their learning. Lessons incorporate a range of teaching strategies from independent tasks, paired and group work including role-play, language games and language detective work. Our scheme of work focuses on developing what we term ‘language detective skills’ and developing an understanding of Spanish grammar, rather than committing to memory vast amounts of Spanish vocabulary. Each unit is based on a specific theme with a motivating end outcome which gives the children a context and clear purpose for their learning.

At Fairstead, Spanish lessons are taught weekly from Year 3 to Year 6.


Teachers and school staff are constantly assessing children’s progress and understanding through discussion and structured activities, adapting their practice accordingly. The children frequently evaluate their own and their peers’ performance, respond to feedback and recognise their own progress through e.g. unit quizzes. Children complete Proof of Progress tasks (POP tasks) at the end of each unit in which they are able to show their knowledge, vocabulary and skills they have acquired during the unit. Floor books are used to collect examples of work, photographs and children’s verbal contributions.

 “Our vision is clear – we must provide an opportunity for early language learning to harness children’s learning potential and enthusiasm”. (Languages for all – languages for life, DfES)  

Spanish Curriculum Map 2023-24

Spanish Milestone 2 Learning Journey

Spanish Milestone 3 Learning Journey

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