Nursery Curriculum

The nursery staff work as a team to plan and deliver the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ curriculum through the 7 different areas of learning.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We develop the children’s independence and confidence as well as an ability to play co-operatively and become part of a larger group.

Communication and Language

This focuses on development in the skills of speaking, listening and understanding.


Mrs Parkin is from the local library and she is always at our school reading lots of different books, we are so lucky.



Practical activities are designed to promote understanding of mathematical concepts and use of apparatus in play situations. Children will become aware of shape, ordering, sequencing and counting.

Knowledge & Understanding of the World

Children develop understanding and knowledge of their environment and the world around them. They develop a sense of the past. This provides the foundations for science, technology, history and geography.



Activities are planned that enable the child to develop mobility and manipulative skills

Expressive Arts and Design

Children are encouraged to develop their imagination and to express ideas in creative ways, particularly in art and music. 



Children are encouraged to develop conversational skills and listen to a range of stories, rhymes and poems.  They will foster an appreciation of books and acquire book skills, developing the skills they need for writing.

Children can choose from a wide range of activities with a strong emphasis on learning through play. We believe that children learn and remember by 'doing' and much of our work comprises practical first hand opportunities and experiences. We also work towards the five outcomes in 'Every Child Matters'.

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