Physical Education

At Fairstead, we have designed our physical education (PE) curriculum with the intent to: maximise children’s physical activity; develop their fundamental movement skills in a range of disciplines and sports; and build confidence and enjoyment in the activities they undertake. Whilst centring our PE curriculum on these essential practical skills, we will also develop important ‘PE life skills’ such as body awareness, teamwork and leadership, in order to equip our children with the PE mindset that will enable them to flourish in future PE learning. Through development of these skills, we also aim to educate children on the importance of physical education and the role it plays in maintaining healthy active lives.

We will deliver a broad and balanced skill-based PE curriculum that:

Systematically develop the practical skills required for gymnastics, dance, athletics, swimming, invasion games (e.g. hockey), net and wall games (e.g. tennis); and striking and fielding games (e.g. cricket) spanning across the whole primary age range.

Focuses exciting sequences of learning on discrete component skills and applies these to a meaningful composite outcome. For example, in Year 4 gymnastics, children will focus on the component skills of balancing, travelling and rolling, before combining these to create and perform a sequence with a partner.

Promotes the development of essential PE life skills, such as: the importance of cooling down; body awareness; giving peer feedback; measuring; and leadership.

Our PE curriculum is taught according to the following whole school long term plan:

PE long term plan 2022 – 2023

Our children are given motivating and inspiring enrichment opportunities and special experiences to embed essential learning in PE.  This enrichment is an essential element of our curriculum offer and encompasses both physical activity and school sport.  For example, our children experience:

A range of after school clubs to promote physical activity:



Multi skills

Taking part in inter-school and intra-school competitions

Taking part in multi-skill and multi-sports festivals

Visits from outside agencies and athletes to promote sport within and outside of school

Annual Bikeability course

Enhanced opportunities for physical activity at break times –

Trim trail

Multi gym

Physical activity resources

EYFS opportunities for outdoor provision – e.g. using crates, water play

Sports leadership opportunities:

Junior sports leaders

Team captains

Residential visit to explore the great outdoors


Problem solving

Rock climbing

Rope skills

Problem solving


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