Trust Based Coaching FAQ


A teacher’s performance does not meet our expectations.

This coaching model does not replace any capability process a school has in place. It is there as a continuous CPD aid for teachers primarily, and can be adapted to support staff. It is not directly linked to appraisal.

What are the necessary pre-conditions for this to work?

Ringfenced time for lesson visits and reflective conversations.

Teachers that are professional, collegiate and prepared for each lesson.

Supportive, trained (preferably accredited) coaches.

Is there a first step before the process cycle?

As with most processes that involve coaching, you will need to do some initial ‘contracting’, i.e. taking on board the feelings of staff and setting any anxieties at bay. Be clear about the process and the desired outcomes.

How does it build trust

Through flexibility and surety. Teachers can be sure that leaders will reflect on their strengths, give them time to discuss, and not be directive but have a suggestion up their sleeve if asked for one. There is also a recognition that anything can happen in a classroom, and during a lesson visit a leader is not an invisible entity but still a supportive team member.

I wasn’t able to feedback the same day, what should I do?

The system is trust based, the quicker feedback can be given, the better. Trust must go two ways though and an understanding of how busy senior leaders can be must also be present. Communicate and find a date to discuss.

We are instruments of change. We put learning, not teaching, at the heart of what we do.

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